About Us​

30 Capital Drive. ABDA fleet in 2016

Family owned and proudly serving the Geelong community since 1996

ABDA Services and Hire began with simply one bus and a family’s vision to provide affordable transport for community and youth groups. Within a few years, the business had grown to offer multiple buses, as well as other items for hire with a wide range of additional services on offer.

By 2006, the business had outgrown its original yard in Belmont, and building works began on a new depot in Grovedale. The focus of the business returned solely to bus hire, and today ABDA continues to operate buses out of that depot, run by Pat Connors, one of the original founders.

More than 20 years on from that first bus, ABDA continues to grow. More buses are in the process of being added to the fleet, and the business now also has a second depot in Corio.

Times have changed, but ABDA Services and Hire remains committed to their original vision – to provide safe and affordable transport to serve the Geelong community.